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Wool Blankets

While I was sewing felted wool mittens and dog coats, I collected bags of wool fabric/garments from relatives and thrift stores.  When I decided to stop making them, I had to find a good use for the wool.  I separated any of the fabric/garments into two piles fabric that had felted (and become thicker) and that hadn't.

Anything that had felted I donated to a non-profit that makes mittens for charity.  I had several large garbage bags of wool.  They were thrilled to receive them.

Anything that hadn't felted I cut into 12" strips.  Then I sewed the strips together to make large wool blankets.  I serged all the seams and the edging of the blankets. I had enough for eleven blankets.  I also made nylon straps so they could be rolled in 'bed rolls'.  Everyone got them for Christmas that year.